Skruva Teknik AB runs a mechanical workshop focused on subcontract manufacturing and is settled in Bjuv, in northwest of Skåne. Here in the active Öresund Region we are close to logistics center for trucks, flight, and shipping but also to great clusters of customers and specialists.

In our premises, steel structures and screw conveyors have been manufactured since 1974 and have since then been exported to large parts of the world. Until 2002 we were a production unit within the original company Siwertell, and after various ownerships Consilium, BMH Marine, MacGregor Bulk, Cargotec and now again Siwertell.

In 2002 the business was taken in charge by the staff and Skruva Teknik AB was formed. Since 2008 the company has been a part of Sundet Industrier.

We have about 40 employees and their skills and long experience is the foundation of our business. With a close collaboration with our 2 sister companies within Sundet Industrier, and with about 120 employees in three places in Skåne we can offer complete manufacture and assembly services.

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