Refining metal to metal structures or screw conveyors is our employees’ daily lives. It requires extensive experience and specialized resources to cut, shape, weld and machine steel plates with up to 150 mm thickness. Especially since the steel is often in alloyed and hardened qualities. Individual products can weigh anywhere from a few kilograms to tens of tons and can still be handled and processed in one piece.

Much of the production involves transport screws, but we also make a lot of conveyor tubes, inlets, outlets, machine beds and other details. We also manufacture beams, platforms, walkways, foundations and pedestals.

The products are put together by us and supplied painted, tested, and packaged in formats suitable for transport by road or sea to the end-user.

To do the work, sturdy equipment is required for rolling, bending, pressing, pulling and positioning. Obviously we also weld much, both joining and coating. Together with the other companies within Sundet Industrier we can manage most manufacturing tasks.