Obviously, our employees are our most important resource. We are about 40 people and a large number have been here a long time, often 10 years or longer.

Our manufacturing is a craft. It requires feeling and experience to form a sheet of metal the way  we do, sometimes in ways that most consider  more or less impossible. Or how about making  800 mm diameter coils of 25 mm hardened steel, assembly them to 8 meter long conveyors, and achieve  a tolerance of a few millimeters in pitch?

In addition to sheet metal workers, welders, fitters and machinery operators we have 5 employees who handle purchasing, orders, planning, economics, and preparation. Since we often assemble complete systems we source a lot more than  raw material.

Within the Sundet Industrier and its three industrial companies, we have access to a total of 130 employees with a  variety of skills. For example engineers, welding experts and project managers. We package the resources you need to a complete offer.